Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Little Acorns begin to grow!

The Acorn Preschool children have settled in to their classroom beautifully with their new teachers, Mrs Alford and Mrs Woodall. As the weather has been so lovely, we have explored both inside and outside through our play. The children have played with jigsaws, play dough, painting, sand and water. We have explored through climbing, throwing, kicking, catching, balancing and making music too.

The children have learnt new routines to help them when they are in school, including listening for the jingly bells at tidy up time, showing good sitting (with legs crossed) when on the carpet, walking in a line and washing their hands before having their snack.

On Tuesday, the children were taken to the hall to enjoy a PE session with Matt from ‘Bee Active’ – we were so proud of them, as it was only day 2, yet they listened so carefully and loved all the movement activities.

An interest of all the children this week has been the noise and movement coming from the diggers on the building site behind the school field. All the children are fascinated by them, so on Friday we arranged a visit to see them close up.

As part of our positive praise, we choose a ‘Star of the Day’ each day. This child will sit in a special chair, wear the special gold medal and will be first in line or to get their snack.

‘Stars of the Day’ this week were Thomas and Jason.