Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Making Fire!

We have had some wonderfully sunny days this week and luckily one of these days was during Forest School! Chris taught Willow Class how to make fire using flint. All were able to spark some fire onto cotton wool (safely of course!) and we imagined the days in the Stone Age where this would have been daily practise.


This week we also finished off our data unit and will be moving on to fractions next week so try and use fractions at home when you can, even if cutting up some cake or sharing out some sweets!

This week we will also be finishing off our Stone Age diary entries and writing a hot task based on life in the Bronze Age – this will lend itself nicely to moving into the Bronze Age next half term.


Well done this week Willow Class your behaviour and dedication to your leanring has been fantastic!