Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Making sinkers float and floater sink with the Acorns

As the whole of Oak View Academy have explored and investigated for Science Week, the Acorn Preschool children focused on building their understanding around floating and sinking. They were fascinated to do some predicting of which objects would float and explaining their reasons. For 3 year old children, they came up with some very thoughtful ideas around floating and sinking – including heavy things sinking, and salt helping things to float! They were mesmerized to see that the egg would float in the salt water, but would sink in the normal water.


As part of this week we have also focused on how we can keep our bodies healthy. The children were able to suggest lots of ways in which they keep healthy, including a focus on healthy and unhealthy food. Through playing Greedy Gorilla, cutting and sticking healthy lunch boxes and dinner plates, and ‘making and delivering’ pizza in the role play area, the children have had great fun. This also allowed the opportunity to use the till to create a shop, which included creating menus of food available and writing numbers to create the price tags.


The children also looked at how washing their hands properly can help them to stay healthy. We did undertake a hand washing activity, but we feel that the children would all benefit from some more support with fully understanding what is involved in hand washing. As the spread of illness seems to be occurring daily in the Nursery, this is one way in which we can help to prevent the spread of germs.


Our book of the week was ‘One Ted falls out of bed’ which builds on the knowledge of numbers 1-10 through a lovely story. The song of the week ‘5 currant buns’ has helped us with counting backwards from 5 to 1.

Stars of the Day this week were: Finlay, Ellie, Jasper, Molly and Ruby – well done to you all.