Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Maple go unicorn hunting!

What an exciting and busy week!

We have started studying our new topic in English all about the Storm Unicorn. The children have interviewed Dr Dapper about his sighting of the Storm Unicorn and asked appropriate questions.

We tried to learn the story map but the printer had cut it up into pieces! The children did a fantastic job of putting it back into the right order and even found the printer had eaten some pieces!

On Friday we were trying the food the Storm Unicorn eats when Miss Dunmore spotted something black with gold and silver flashes run past the classroom window – a Storm Unicorn! We all went outside to see if we could track it down to observe it. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find it but we did find some clues to tell us where it had been and what it had been doing!

We have been learning that computer code is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. We practised this by giving our friends clear and simple instructions to direct them from A to B in the playground.

This week in Music we had competitions within class to see who could sing the song we have been learning the best. It was a difficult to tell so we will practise again next week. We also added some percussion instruments and used them in time with the rhythm of the song.

The children have taken to the song really quickly and I have high hopes for the Christmas season.


Just a reminder that the school policy is to have water in the children’s drinking bottles. If there are any queries with this please come to speak to me.