Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Maple turns into a newsroom

This week we have combined ICT with our English work when we all turned into news broadcasters to retell the story of Meerkat Mail. The children did a fantastic job and told the story with confidence and clarity. To see a video of our broadcast, click here.

We have had the sweets out in maths to help us with division. The children were excellent at sharing the sweets into equal groups and grouping the sweets into equal bags.

Topic this week looks at recent history so we are comparing schools now to schools in the past. The children decided they all preferred school now to school in the past. Ask them what they learnt about the classroom, punishment, equipment and subjects studied.

We have been learning about the Spanish words for mum, dad, brother, sister and other family members. Please can the children bring in a family photo on Monday so they can talk about their family in Spanish.

I am very proud to say that Jensen and Nati have been to the cinema this week. This is a trip they have thoroughly earnt by having 100% attendance throughout the Autumn Term. I hope to see more children going for 100% attendance through the Spring Term.

Star of the Week – Charlotte

Learner of the Week – Jack

Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore