Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

This week in Juniper class we have had lots of fun making our own pictures of marble patterns. The children rolled the marbles in paint, moving the tray around so the marbles ran across the paper. Junipers loved this activity and were so excited to see the outcome of the patterns they created.

We have also been learning all about number 7 this week in maths, focussing on the properties of 7. We made a poster for our washing line and stuck any objects that we cold find that represent the number seven. The children found a number seven piece of numicon, the numberblock seven, seven pencils and lots of other resources.

We have continued to practise using our green words in English. We have used our green words, adjectives, to describe Juniper Jupiter this week. Lots of children are very confident using their describing words now, so we had more of a focus on using our phonics to write the words.

Junipers have had an amazing week and have all worked really hard.

Well done Junipers! Have a lovely weekend and get lots of rest!

Miss Latham and Mr Lavin