Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Hawthorn class have made an excellent start to the spring term!

In English, we have enjoyed reading and learning about The Switch by Anthony Horowitz. We have learnt actions for the model text and we have been discussing the characters and studying the text, so that we can write just as well as Anthony Horowitz!

In maths we have learnt about fractions, in particular how to compare and order fractions using ‘more than’, ‘less then’ and ‘equal to’ signs.

We have started to learn about the Mayan civilisation and we have discovered some of the countries where Mayan cities were built. We are looking forward to learning even more about the Mayans next week during our Mayan workshop!

We have started to learn about printing in art and we will study Mayan designs so that we can create a tile based on these patterns.

Hawthorn class have started a new topic in Science: materials! The class really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about some of the properties of materials, including: hardness, solubility, absorbency and whether items are magnetic. The children explored a range of items and recorded their properties.

We all enjoyed having our parents in school this afternoon, where we were able to share all our successes from the year so far!

Thank you all for your hard work and enthusiasm!

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