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Merry Munching Marvellous Monday

Merry Monday Acorns

Can you think of other words starting with the letter ‘M’?

Can you make a monster to feed your ‘M’ pictures and words to. Make your own monster using a cereal or cardboard box. Or you can print off the monster below and stick it on.


How many words can you think of? Send your list via learning book.

What words did the Phonics Monster eat?


My House

Can you draw a picture of your house and the people who live in it.


Try answering questions about your family and house.

How many people are in your family?

How many pets do you have?

How old are you?

Who is the oldest? Who is the youngest?

Who is the tallest? Who is the smallest?

How many windows are on you house?

What is your house number?

What shape is your house?

What shape is your door and windows?

I look forward to seeing all your drawings and answers via learning book.

Acorn Preschool