Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

While Mrs Alford is away, the Acorns will play…!

The Acorns have been very busy this week focusing on the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson learning all about halloween and enjoying many spooky activities. Including our rhyme of the week ‘Witches Song’ to which we also learnt actions.
“Witch’s cauldron,
Here’s a witch’s hat.
Witch’s broomstick, witch’s cat.
Fly over here,
fly over there.
Crash! Bang! Alazam!
Now you disappear.
Witch’s spider,
Creeping up a log,
witch’s spell book,
witch’s frog.
Fly over here,
Fly over there.
Crash! Bang! Alazam!
Now you disappear.’
In the number area we had fun counting spooky objects hidden in cobwebs. The counting continued at the play dough table where we shaped play dough numbers and made spiders with 8 long legs and cut out shapes to make pumpkin faces.
In the messy area we made some fluffy ghosts to float about the classroom, painted spiders with cotton buds and got sticky making Mummies.
We had so much fun dressing up as spooky charcters all week and rewriting the story Room on the Broom to Room on the Dragon.
At music time we moved like monsters and our special activity this week was making pumpkin soup. The children did a wonderful job helping Mrs Woodall to find all the ingredients we would need and helping her to read the step by step. The children clearly have great cooking skills as the soup was delicious and enjoyed by many.