Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ


Last week we had a great time celebrating ‘National Mud Day’ and making some fantastic mud pies, cakes and soups! The children all got involved and were not afraid to get their hands dirty. We used natural resources such as shell, stones and sticks to decorate our creation’s and I think they turned out fabulously.

We also got messy using mixing shaving foam a food colouring. The children were fascinated with the way the white foam changed colour as they mixed about the food colouring. After lots of mixing and experimenting the children began to transfer the foam to other pots and pans and lots of imaginative fun was had with the children describing how they had made ‘ice cream’ and which flavours they had made.

We love to find all sorts of different ways to make marks in the Little Acorns classroom and this week was no exception with the children using chalk and then water to make marks on the outdoor board then making trails on paper using glue sticks to leave marks behind.

Great work Little Acorns, you will ‘wow’ your Acorn Teachers in September just like you do with me each day.

Mrs Ogden