Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Mythical creatures galore

Sycamore have really excelled this week in writing their instructional guides all about mythical creatures. The children have really thought about their use of adjectives and precise language to make their instructional guide appear formal. The class have considered the key features of their mythical creature, the creatures weaknesses and ways to defeat their beast. The writing that the class has produced is outstanding. They should all be very proud.

In Maths this week we have been focusing on calculating the area of shapes through counting squares. The children have also been trialling the method of solving the area of shapes through multiplication. Sometimes the shapes have not always been standard rectangles or squares and the children have had to calculate and work out that two right angled triangles make a square.

We have started a new class novel this week called ‘How to train your dragon’ which matches with our current english topic. We have been reading all about the adventures and challenges of the Young Viking Hiccup. The children have completed drawings of their own dragons and labelled their key features. They have also produced home made sound tracks that accompany the book.

We also tried a ‘Whole class video call’ on Friday which was a success. It was so lovely to see lots of smiles 🙂

Well done for a fantastic week of wonderful work Sycamore.