Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

No eggs here – oh dear!

This week with the Acorn Preschool children, we have supported the remaining children with settling back into the setting following a prolonged period of time not attending during Covid lockdown restrictions. All children have seemed very pleased to come back into the setting, and have resumed their friendships from where they left off.

The children have enjoyed looking closely at real birds nests and creating play dough eggs. We have begun to look around the farm using the story ‘Oh Dear’ where Buster goes around his Grandma’s farm to look for the eggs, visiting many different animals, before he finds the eggs with the hens.

The children have used paint and scissors and glue to express themselves through their own creative designs.  They have used their fingers in gel packs to mark make, exploring different pre-writing strokes, beginning to form letters and numbers. In the maths focus this week we have been developing the understanding of pattern, through recognising similar patterns around us and trying to create a repeated pattern using compare bears, coloured pegs or cotton reels.

Stars of the Day this week were Faith and Leon. Well done to you both.