Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Oak class flock to the farm!

On Wednesday afternoon, year 6 ventured over to Weaver Dairy farm where they met Rosie and learnt all about life on a working farm. Rosie taught the class about the tupping and lambing processes that takes place between the ewes and the rams. When Spring arrives, Rosie knows it is time for the lambs to be born!

Rosie showed Oak class how the lambs are delivered and how she measured the weight of each lamb and kept a clear record. This was a great link to our maths work this week on measurements.

Oak class were respectful towards the animals and knew to keep their voices low and to be gentle when handling them. We enjoyed seeing the piglets as well as the lambs!

Thank EWE Rosie, we all had a lovely afternoon!