Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

On the ning, nang, nong…

Sycamore class have embraced a change with their online learning this week. They have demonstrated what it means to be an independent and resilient learner. We have been using the Oak National Academy. The children have really challenged themselves and tested their knowledge through using quizzes.

Sycamore class have also tried to create nonsense poetry in the style of Spike Milligan’s Ning Nang Nong. The children have worked with different sounds and letters.

On Friday we also enjoyed our class call. We discussed what we have been doing at home. We played a game of Scattergories where the children were challenged to think of an ‘Animal’ ‘Food’ and ‘something outside’ that began with the same letter. The children really pushed themselves to think of something outside of the box and something that was unique.

Well done for another fantastic week of learning Sycamore class.