Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

One boiling day in the Kalahari desert…

Maple class started the week with some body percussion. We used the rap from last week to create some music with our bodies. It was tricky at first but we found the rhythm and worked as a team to make some music!


In English we began our new text Meerkat Mail. We explored the meaning of the story and began thinking about interesting words and imagery to describe the setting.

In Maths, Maple class have shown how fab they are at working with Money and we have worked out different ways to make the same amounts and looked at some tricky word problems. They have all put an incredible amount of effort into their work, great job Maple!

In Science with Mrs Millington Maple class have been thinking about our health and did an experiment to show how germs can spread!

Next week we will begin to innovate our text and we will continue to look at parables in RE and discuss their meanings, including doing some nice role play activities.

A big well done for the amazing word and effort from our star and book of the week this week, keep it up!