Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

This week the Acorn Preschool children enjoyed planting their own sunflower seed (in the hope too grow a shoot to take home and nurture.) They were given complete independence with this activity, following the instructions carefully to plant their seed in the soil and carefully spray it with water.



Our book of the week was ‘One Child, One Seed’ which is an African counting story. The children reflected on things that were the same and different to themselves when looking at this story. They were encouraged to develop understanding about things being different to them, but that different is okay!



The Acorn Preschool shop also opened up this week, with the children visiting to buy their fruit and vegetables. The children have been seen taking on the role of shopkeeper and shopper, asking for money and being given change. When you are out and about, encourage your child’s understanding about money by letting them pay.

Our song of the week was ‘5’ Little Monkeys’ and this has helped us to develop our understanding of subtracting or 1 less. The children have loved being the little monkeys, jumping and bumping themselves, but have also enjoyed using their brains to work out how many monkeys on the floor and how many still on the bed.




Whilst we have been outside for large parts of this week, the children have been watching the plants grow, fishing, and dancing to the music too. The water was brought to a new level of fun, through the use of water bottles to spray the floor, paintbrushes and rollers to spread water on the floor and on different surfaces. This is such an enjoyable experience for all children, and is developing their large motor skills as they move the brush around.Some children even explored water play in the outdoor mud kitchen.

Stars of the day this week were Mia, Lacey, Seth, Faith and Freya – well done to you all.