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Over, under and through with Rosie in the Acorn Preschool

Story of the week is ‘Rosie’s Walk’. This story is excellent for encouraging children’s understanding of positional language. We have also used this story to build on the children’s correct use of ‘he’ and ‘she’ when speaking about boys or girls. Most children are accurate in their use of this now. Talk with your child and make sure that you make it clear when you use ‘she’ and ‘he’, helping them to link it to the person being male/boy or female/girl.

Throughout this story, we have used the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach to help the children learn the words of the story, with repetitive language and memorable actions. This also includes actions for specific story telling language – such as ‘Once upon a time’, ‘first’, ‘next’, after that’ and ‘finally’. See if they can tell you the story when looking at the story map below. We will continue to build on this story and start to imitate and make our own version next week.

Our focus on Phonics continues, with the children really impressing us with how well they remember the sounds when they are presented with the picture card. Thank you for all the practice you are doing at home. We are also so pleased with how well most children easily recognise their names now. Our next focus is to encourage the children to copy the shape of the letters in their name. Feel free to do this with the children at home, helping them to see if the letters are curved or straight.


Friday– ‘Children in Need’ thank you for the kind donations and dressing your children in Pudsey/Spots to support us. The children loved their duck race, and running around in the leaves afterwards.


Stars of the day this week were Skye, Caleb and Millie – well done to you all!