Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Over, under, around and through with Rosie’s Walk


Story of the week was ‘Rosie’s Walk’. This story is excellent for encouraging children’s understanding of positional language. We have orally rehearsed an adapted version of the book, which allows the children to remember easily the events. We have used the Talk for Writing approach to help the children learn the story with repetitive language and memorable actions.  This also included actions for specific story telling language – such as ‘Once upon a time’, ‘first’, ‘next’, after that’ and ‘finally’. We also had a go at acting out the events in the story when playing outside.


We have also used this story to build on the children’s correct use of ‘he’ and ‘she’ when speaking to describe what they can see happening in the pictures. Talk with your child and make sure that you make it clear when you use she and he, helping them to link it to the person being male or female.

We will continue to build on this story and start to make our own version next week.

The children have also explored the concept of number 2 this week – we have watched the Numberblocks episode then created a poster which shows many different ways of representing 2 in pictures. Ask your child to pick out number 2 when they are out and about. In the maths area we played a game which involved the children matching the numerals to car number plates. It does not have to involve the children recognising all the numbers at this stage,  but begins to get them used to seeing them visually and matching them up.


Rhyme of the week was ‘Two little Dickie Birds” which the children have enjoyed very much. We even encouraged them to try and sing this using different fingers as the 2 little birds. This builds up finger strength, getting them ready for writing. We have also continued to have a go at writing the letters in our name and mark making for a purpose.

Stars of the day this week were Alexis & Myleigh – well done to you both!