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Owl babies visit Acorn Preschool

This week in the Acorn Preschool the children have explored the story ‘The Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell, focusing firstly on what we know about human babies.

(If you would like to send us a baby photo of your child/children from when they were a baby, we would love to share these in the Preschool.)

This story has really helped the children with developing their listening and attention at story time, as they have been able to join in with the words at key parts of the story. The children have also developed their understanding of the characters and the setting of the story. The main characters are the Owl Babies, called Sarah, Percy and Bill, and the Mummy Owl. The setting is a wood or forest, as they live in a hole in the trunk of a tree, filled with feathers, twigs and leaves. You could ask your child questions about these aspects of the story and see if they are able to recall the information at home.

In PE, the owl theme has continued with children ‘balancing along branches’, and throwing and catching scarves to watch them fly. We are very lucky to enjoy a PE session each week with James from Beeactive. James is lively, enthusiastic and engaging, and he matches the theme we are focusing upon, to the focus in the PE session. The children really enjoy exploring different kinds of movement during these sessions in the hall.


The children have loved making a variety of owl related craft – using sponges to print, collage materials to stick and painting pictures of owls using cotton buds as a paint brush.


We have been focusing on which children can recognise and find their name on a name card . We have encouraged them to look for familiar letter shapes, to count the letters in their name, noticing if their name is a long or short word, if it has tall, short or tail letters, and asking if they can copy the letter shapes they see. It would really help the children with recognising their own name if you would make a few name posters to put up around the house, so that they are regularly seeing their name in their surroundings.

The children are being supported with developing their understanding of positional language through our music and dance sessions on a Friday. Waving scarves in different places helps to build an understanding of under, behind, on top, next to, side, front, back, up, down, high and low. The children really enjoy having a good move to music too!


This week the Acorn Preschool has been awarded Attendance of the Week and Punctuality Award – the trophies being presented by the Principal at Oak View Academy, Mrs Rimmer.

Stars of the day this week were Harvey, Freya, Ruby and Finlay – well done to you all.