Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Party time in the Acorn Preschool!

This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children have been exploring celebrations. The children have been thinking about parties they have been to. In circle time the children described some of the things they remember from special parties.

Help your child to develop their talking by discussing events with them that they have enjoyed – encourage them to think of all aspects of the event and describe using different vocabulary. We have been asking the children what do we see at parties, what do we do at parties, what do we wear to parties and what do we eat at parties.

The children had the important job of getting the house ready for a party, with balloons, party blowers, party hats, plates and napkins. The children started to plan for the party by writing invitations and shopping lists for what needs to be bought.


Alongside this, the children have been learning about a new celebration called Diwali. This is celebrated by Hindu’s – and is a festival of light. The children have thought about how we celebrate in similar ways.


The book of the week has been ‘Where’s Spot?’. This is a wonderfully simple book which develops the children’s understanding of positional language – including behind, in, inside and under. The children have been playing hide and seek with Spot the dog and finding him in different places.


Thursday – Sponsored Toddle – Thank you to all the families who managed to come and support us, and thanks for all the sponsorship money that has already been returned. We look forward to receiving the last sponsorship money next week, then we will be able to give you the grand total of funds raised by Acorn and Juniper children.



Stars of the day this week were Lacey, Seth, Harriet, Laken and Thomas – well done to you all.