Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Passing Out Parade

This week saw Oak class have their final session with Tommy and Dale from UK Military School. Parents came to watch the pass out parade and the awarding of certificates and medals to the Oak team.


Best recruit awards were presented to;

Logan – for outstanding leadership
Brianna – best female recruit
Martin – best male recruit

It was an extremely proud moment; we look forward to UK Military School return next term as they will be working with Hawthorn class.


Also this week, the second part of our parents afternoon took place. A huge thank you to the parents who came in and supported us as we designed and created our 3D Egyptian masks. We are looking forward to the final painting stage before we put them on display. We have continued to rehearse for our Christmas production – Panto Pandemonium and written a portal story based on a scene from Harry Potter. It has been another busy, yet productive week.