Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

What a phenomenal start to the term

The children have come back with a positive attitude and have shown determination and resilience throughout all lessons.

This week in maths, the children have been looking at equivalent fractions. They studied what equivalent means and then matched the equivalent fractions together. They really impressed me with how much of an understanding they had. I am looking forward to seeing them build on this next week.

In English, the children have been looking at a new text called ‘the lost locket’. They have been learning the text alongside actions to portray it. The children also used a dictionary to find the meaning of vocabulary they didn’t know.

We have just started our new topic which the children were really engaged by and were intrigued to find out more. They asked lots of excellent and imaginative questions. They considered where the Stone Age belonged on a time line and also looked at cave painting, creating their own.
In PE, the children have started the topic athletics and have again showed a really positive attitude. I am looking forward to next week. Well done year 3!