Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Pizza in Maple Class!

The highlight of our week is definitely the trip to Frankie and Benny’s at Cheshire Oaks!

But before we even went there we had lots and lots of things going on in Maple.

On Monday we had a visit from an author who made puppet stories with the children. They only worked on it for 30 minutes but had some fantastic stories to tell about the shimmering red dragon with glittering gold wings! Ask your child to see if they can remember their story! Click here for a chance to see them in action!

We have been learning about shape in maths and playing lots of shape games. We have moved on to lines of symmetry with the children using mirrors to check for different lines of symmetry.

On Wednesday we took part in Smile for a Mile. This is part of Winsford Wellbeing Week which is taking part across the town. The children braved the wind and drizzle to run, walk, jog, skip a mile round the playground and all of them were still smiling when they finished!

We were really lucky to have the mascot visit and take part in the mile with us!

Finally we come to the trip on Thursday. The children were extremely excited to be learning about how to make pizza after learning about healthy foods and planning a healthy pizza in class this week.

The children were eager to get stuck in so after we washed our hands they rolled up their sleeves up and got started, spreading the tomato sauce like professionals!

Cheese was then sprinkled over the top and a choice of toppings was added. We even managed to make some letters and faces with the toppings too!

After that we put all the pizzas into the huge pizza ovens and then we waited.

It seemed like it took forever but after only 10 minutes the pizzas were ready and after some cooling, the children tucked in with delight!

Finally it was time for the journey back to school. Children and adults very happy with their pizzas!

Then we come to Friday! We have had a great half term and there have been a few changes that the children have really taken in their stride. I am very proud of all of them and I know it will continue into the next half term too!

Have a well-earned break, have lots of fun and enjoy yourselves!

Miss Dunmore, Mrs Jones and Miss Tench.