Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

This week the Acorn Preschool children have been exploring all about planes in readiness for our visit to Manchester Airport Runway Park next week.
The week started with a look at what planes can do and starting to learn new words that are linked to the topic of planes. See if your child can correctly use the words wings, jet engine, wheels, flight deck, captain/pilot, runway, airport, takeoff and landing when discussing planes with them.
The children have explored planes through small world play and have also enjoyed some role-play where they built their own airplane to take them off on holiday.
The children have drawn and painted pictures of planes, constructed planes with junk materials, flown paper planes during PE and written holiday packing lists and plane tickets. Our song of the week was ‘Down at the airport’ and the children really enjoyed singing this.
Also this week the children experienced playing with different textures through exploring slime – this was simple to make, using glue and washing liquid mixed together, but so lovely to smoosh through little fingers and watch how it drizzles back down into the tray. Perhaps you could explore some materials you have at home which would give a similar experience – shampoo, washing liquid, shaving foam – all provide a lovely sensory experience in which children can be encouraged to write numbers, letters or draw pictures.

We have started to develop the children’s sense of rhyme through singing songs and reading stories with rhyming words and playing a rhyming card game. Help the children to tune in to words which sound the same (rhyme) e.g. fat, cat, mat, hat. Play with these words – ask your child to give another word which follows the rhyming pattern – this can be real or made up. This is a very good skill to preparing children for reading.

Stars of the Day this week were Louie, Lacey, Lola-Rose, Enes and Lewis – well done to you all.