Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

The Acorn Preschool children have enjoyed a focus on transport this week. As the children love to play with the cars and trains, we have looked closely at things that types of transport have the same and things that make it different. Many children were able to identify different types of transport, and then sort the different types of transport into where it can travel (road, air, sea.) The children were very knowledgeable and had a wide vocabulary around the topic of transport.

As the week went on, the children were encouraged to make marks on paper to represent number through taking part in a car colour survey. We walked into the school car park and spent time looking at the different car colours that we could see. One thing we noticed is they all need a good wash!! Perhaps the next job for Acorn Preschool is to open up a ‘car wash station’ to make some extra pennies!


For a long time now, the Preschool children have been encouraged to draw, make marks and use their motor skills with fiddly fingers activities to strengthen in preparation for writing and holding a pencil. Many children have explored and adapted their writing grip as their muscles became stronger and they can now control a pencil to make the marks they want. We have been so delighted to see the impact of this on their ability to copy letters from their names. We have found that once children realise that they are making recognisable marks which others value as their ‘name’ they will continue to make them again and again. Encourage your child in all the efforts they make when attempting to record letters from their name. We are now building the muscle memory to draw anticlockwise circles and vertical lines – patterns, which feature heavily when we write the letters of the alphabet.

Other children have been supported with strengthening large muscle groups through dough gym – all the children who come to dough gym are now experts at it, and could run the session without Mrs Alford! The results of this time spent building up muscle strength is paying off as these children have now also developed their ability to hold and control mark making tools to make the marks wanted. Large-scale drawing is another good way to build children’s control of mark making materials. This week children were drawing train tracks and airplanes.


The Acorn Preschool children have loved getting outside to explore different types of transport with the cars, diggers, bikes and trikes. We even found time to explore which vehicles travelled down the ramps the fastest!


The children have also been joining junk materials together to make their own forms of transport – with boats, planes, buses and trains, the children have really enjoyed designing their own transport.

Book of the Week was ‘The Train Ride’ – the children loved exploring what the little girl could see out of the window as she travelled by train to a seaside town to meet her Grandma. The children have enjoyed watching a lovely YouTube version of this story – and I am sure they would love to share this with you at home too.

Stars of the Day this week were Myles, Lily, Demi and Liza – well done to you all