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The Enormous Turnip

It grew, and it grew, and it grew…! This week the Acorn Preschool children have settled back into the routine very quickly. They have been full of Christmas time news and shared what presents they liked best.  The current Acorn children have been joined by a small number of new children who have just turned […]


Curious about QR Codes!

In Oak Class this week, we have begun our new topic in computing, and have been exploring how to use QR codes to help us locate information about Africa. In English, we have been reading all about the life of Charles Darwin, using images from the novel to create setting descriptions and gather fantastic vocabulary. […]


Peculiar Properties

This week, Hawthorn Class have enjoyed reading the story of the Hound of the Baskervilles and finding out how to create a cliffhanger narrative! In Maths, they have used their knowledge of area to calculate the area of compound shapes. In Science, Hawthorn Class had fun exploring a range of materials and classifying them based […]


Understanding mechanics

Year 2 have been learning about wheels and axles as part of their DT topic. They explored existing products with wheels and axles and even sketched a diagram of their product.


Down the River we Go…

Willow Class have been enjoying our story of ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ about the journey of water from source to sea. The beautiful images from the book have inspired some wonderful writing and the children have been getting to grips with our new vocabulary for this unit, such as: rejoicing, melodies, summit and emerging. […]


Fabulous photographers!

This week Sycamore class have been studying the famous photographer Ansel Adams. They had the opportunity to explore the outdoors and used view finders to focus on where their images would be taken. The children enjoyed taking pictures of nature and landscapes. They also had the chance to explore editing images in the style of […]


Hawthorn solve the case!

This week, Hawthorn Class were put into investigation teams to see if they could piece together the mystery of our new book. They were given a selection of clues along with a map of Baskerville Hall that led them to the title – The Hound of the Baskervilles! Sherlock would be proud of their detective […]


All about Africa…

This week in Oak class, We have begun the new term by exploring our new topic of Africa through Art. We created African silhouettes using a variety of harmonious colours and carefully selecting some key images of animals and plants you would typically find in Africa. In PSHE, we explored the value of belonging within […]


Welcome back Maple class!

This week Maple class have enjoyed catching up with each other and even welcomed our new class teacher, Miss Carberry. We’ve started off our new term with great enthusiasm to learn all about our new topics. In maths the children have been learning about money, identifying the different coins and notes and ordering their values. […]