Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Reading all over the place!

What a fun week for Willow Class! Lots of children got stuck into reading this week and even found some interesting places they could read! Many dressed up as their favourite characters and we shared some of our favourite stories.

We are all very excited to get back to school and a new routine next week. Willow Class have planned their mosaic art which they will be printing with paint next week and have finished off their innovated news reports. On Monday we will explore some traditional fairy tales for our independent write on Tuesday.


In Maths, Willow class have started to get the hang of telling the time to 5 minutes – even if it was very tricky at first, we are getting there! If you notice your child struggles with this, the best way to learn is to tell the time at home throughout the day!