Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Recipe for Respect!

Another week of our bubbles but this has not stopped us from sharing some amazing moments. From playing in the forest area, to time challenges across the play equipment and even to writing poetry!

In English this week, we have have been discussing the possiblility of Bubble travel. Can you imagine travelling in Bubbles instead of cars? No traffic, no roads, no pollution. We wrote stories about where we would go in our Bubbles, there were some fantastic ideas too!

In maths this week we have focused on multiplication and division. We found the formal methods of long multiplication and division difficult initially, but after some practice we think we have conquered them.

In PSHE this week we have discussed our emotions and though about the emotion sadness. Despite it not being a nice emotion, it is completely normal, we shared things that made us feel better in these situations, which was lovely. Tis week we also discussed respect and its importance. We devised recipes for respect and decided that this was key, not only to be a good friend, but for life in general too!

Learners of the week are Nourjen and Ruby.