Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Remembrance with the Acorns

The Acorn Preschool children were still full of the excitement and wonder of Bonfire night. However, our attention turned to Remembrance Day, and the symbol of remembrance – the poppy. 

The children were helped to explore this theme through watching the Cbeebies animation called ‘Poppies’, which shows a rabbit living in the fields, which eventually become affected by the war and fighting, before the scene returns to show fields of poppies growing. This was used to support the younger children with their silence on 11/11/21. As a sign of Acorns remembering the soldiers, the children created their own poppies using a variety of materials, which were then used to create our own wreath. 

 This week we have started to introduce the children to making marks which stand for the initial letter in their name. All children are happy to pick up a pencil and make marks with it, and some are even able to form the letter correctly. 

The children also got very enthusiastic about building castles with the large wooden blocks. Some fantastic construction has taken place with elaborate designs that have really impressed us.

Outside, the children have loved doing the weeding, sweeping up the autumn leaves and using the wheelbarrows to move the leaves and weeds to the bin. 

Stars of the day this week were Ava, Musab, Sophia, Reuben and Olivia  – well done to you all!