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Remembrance with the Acorns

The Acorn Preschool children have been exploring a variety of celebrations that are happening at this time of year. 

Firstly, they were still full of the excitement and wonder of Bonfire night. However, this week our attention turned to Remembrance Day, and the symbol of remembrance – the poppy. The children were helped to explore this theme through watching the Cbeebies animation called ‘Poppies’, which shows a rabbit living in the fields, which eventually become affected by the war and fighting, before the scene returns to show fields of poppies growing. 


As a sign of Acorns remembering the soldiers, the children created their own poppies using a variety of materials and this week, which were then used to create our own wreath. 


This week the children have explored the painting station and the creative area a little more independently, so they are starting to help themselves to the resources they want to use and creating their own masterpieces. At the fiddly finger table, the children were busy making bird feeders by threading cheerios onto string (well the ones that didn’t fall into their mouths ;-)) 

On Friday, the children were briefly introduced to the Hindu celebration of Diwali – noticing that they use fireworks as part of their celebration.  The crazy hair for Children in Need also added a certain excited spirit into the classroom too!


This week we have started to introduce the children to tune in to phonic sounds – with the focus being on m & a. To help your child with this new area of learning, help them to tune in to the start sounds of words which share the same sound by working together to think of lots of words that have that same sound at the start. For example, mountain, monkey, mouse, moon, mummy, mirror, map etc. At Oak View Academy we follow the ReadWriteInc scheme for teaching phonics. Click on the letters to follow the link to the online virtual classroom that your child can watch at home to build on the learning they have started in school.  M  

To help you to understand more about phonics click on the hyperlinks below to watch some short videos which explain more.

Understanding Phonics

What is ReadWriteInc Phonics?

How to say the sounds

  These are sound cards and the order in which we will be learning the sounds.

Stars of the day this week were Kaiden, Florence, Emilia, Aria & Libby – well done to you all!