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Rewind back into Anglo Saxon times

Sycamore class have amazed us this week with their work based on this terms topic ‘The Anglo Saxons and Scots’. The children created blogs about what the life of an Anglo Saxon child would be like. The children picked up on the key features such as Anglo Saxon children followed in the footsteps of their parents and were often put straight to work. The children also focused on what toys they would have played with and they even dressed up as an Anglo Saxon!

In English this week Sycamore class have been set a quest to complete the ancient scrolls for the ways to defeat Viking monsters after they were ruined by an evil force! The children must rely on their use of fronted adverbials, adverbs and adjectives to create instructional guides on how to defeat the mythical beasts.

In Maths this week we have been focusing on measuring the perimeter of a shape. Sycamore class have also been challenged to not only working out the perimeter but also converting the measurement to cm from mm. The children have also been experimenting with measuring the area of shapes using paper squares or sticky notes. I am so impressed with how the children are challenging themselves.

On Thursday some of the children took part in ‘Wear your Uniform at home day’ to help raise funds for St.Lukes!

Well done for another fantastic week of online learning Sycamore class. Please remember if you need any support to get in contact.