Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Roman soldiers in training! The children in Sycamore class had a brilliant day immersing themselves into the life of a Roman soldier! Sycamore class worked as a team to create a legion and protect each other with their shields. The children were so enthusiastic and filled with excitement and gained a lot from the experience.

Sycamore class have also demonstrated an amazing effort in their maths this week focusing on multiplying and dividing by 0 and 1. The children had lots of opportunities to use the concrete materials to support their learning.

This week the class have also started to focus on a new writing outcome in their English. The children returned after break time to lots of old parts of writing scattered across the classroom. The class were set the challenge of piecing together the writing to discover more!

What a busy but exciting week! We have lots more to look forward to next week too!