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Science week in Maple!

We have really enjoyed science week this week!

On Monday we met a real scientist who showed us how to make electricity powered by light, movement and fruit and vegetables!

On Tuesday we had forest schools in the snow with Chris where we played Kim’s game with some household objects and then compared this to animals finding their food in the winter.

On Wednesday we conducted an experiment to see which type of chocolate would melt first – white chocolate or milk chocolate. There were mixed results but all the children really enjoyed being scientific about their predictions and their conclusions.

By Thursday Maple’s scientific success had spread and Jack from Jack and the Baked Beanstalk asked us to help him find a material that would be suitable for the roof of his house. So we used lots of different materials to make a shelter for his friends and tested if they would still work in the rain.

In celebration assembly on Friday we had quite a few children getting their bronze awards for achieving 100 house points! Most of them have had extra house points from reading daily at home too! I wonder who will be next?

On Friday, Phil from the Creepy Crawly Show visited us with his pets. They included Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, Tenrec, Leopard Gecko, North American Corn Snake, Chilean Rose Tarantula, Barn Owl and Giant African Land Snails! It was very exciting and we got lots of interesting facts about the animals too!

After this we had one more experiment to conduct and it was how to stick a balloon to the wall! We talked about lots of different ways but in the end decided that making static from our heads would be the best way! It certainly worked!

To finish off we had a bit of fun with a balloon relay.

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Coe, Mrs Hankey and Mrs Oakes

Learner of the week: Demi

Star of the week: Daniel