Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Science Week in Maple

We have had a tough week with lots of quizzes this week in Maple but we have also had such a fun week doing lots of different experiments!

I am so proud of the way the children have persevered with the quizzes as they were particularly hard ones and I know they weren’t easy for everyone but they have done a fantastic job and all parents should be proud!

We started the week with how to keep fit and the silliest material to make a pillow from (which was glass or brick) and we ended the week with which chocolate melted the quickest and how do we stick a balloon to the wall!

After some very serious discussion and some very serious experimenting we decided that dark chocolate melted faster than milk chocolate and white chocolate.

We had suggestions to put glue on the wall and stick the balloon to it or put some tape on the balloon and stick it to the wall but the one we tried out was to rub it on our heads and then stick the balloon to the wall.

It worked a treat! Everyone had a go at rubbing the balloon on their hair and sticking it to the wall. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. When it didn’t work the children showed perseverance and determination until they could do it. They also helped each other and worked as a team if they saw their classmates struggling. Some really important qualities right there!

Next week we will be starting our new text in English and moving onto statistics in Maths too.

Please remember it is an INSET day on Friday.

I would also like to remind you that reading books and reading records must be in school every day so we can take that opportunity to read to the children and then be able to change their books accordingly.

For a project we are working on for after half term I would really appreciate it if we could all start collecting bottle tops (any sort including screw top and sports top) and 1.5-2 litre bottles. Bring them into school as frequently as you wish and I will keep hold of them until after half term when hopefully we will have enough for the project!

Learner of the week: Leighton

Star of the week: Ellie

Have a great weekend!
Miss Dunmore, Mrs Jones and Miss Tench