Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Sentences, shapes = success

Wow! Another fantastic week for Sycamore class! All of the children should be so proud of themselves. They have been involving themselves in discussions, producing good quality independent work and giving thoughtful responses to questions. The class have really adapted to the ‘live learning’ approach.

In English this week the children have started to write their own ‘twisted narratives’ we recapped traditional fairy tales that they all knew. We compared how the good and bad characters are portrayed in most fairy tales. The children then started to plan their stories and had to think of how they could change the story to make the ‘bad’ character win in the end! We have started to focus on sentence accuracy to ensure that the children are able to form strong and correctly punctuated sentences.

In Maths this week we started our unit on Geometry. The children fully immersed themselves into this topic and have done very well in remembering the key terms and vocabulary. We have been focusing on lines of symmetry, different types of lines and different types of angles. The children have really impressed me with their reasoning skills. They have demonstrated a good understanding in this area through talking through their methods to an answer during our ‘flashback four’ starter.

Throughout our topic lessons this week we have covered a variety of subjects. We focused on our digital footprint and internet safety in our PSHE lesson. The children had to think about their digital footprint and which websites that they used. In Geography the children were challenged with finding different locations on a map using 4-figure grid references.

Well done Sycamore class!