Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Stories, sculptures and smiles…

Well done Sycamore class for another fantastic week engaging with live zoom learning. You have all worked incredibly hard and it is fantastic to see you all adapting to our new way of learning.

This week the children have been really focusing on sentence accuracy. This will support them when they come to edit and evaluate the effectiveness of their own writing. The children completed their twisted fairy tales which were fantastic. Each day we have been focusing on subordinating conjunctions in our sentences. The children participated in a mini quiz and were challenged to use this skill in their sentence accuracy check. Sycamore class began their new writing purpose this week based on writing a persuasive letter. We wrote a letter to Goldilocks persuading her not to enter the woods. We focused on key vocabulary that demonstrated our desperation and concern!

In maths this week, the class have excelled in their learning focus on Geometry. We have been ordering and comparing angles. The children have been referring back to our actions and giving fantastic reasons behind their choices in methods and calculations. We also started to look at the different types of triangles and we linked our learning from angles to secure the key identifiers of different types of triangles.

During the afternoon lessons the children have engaged in a variety of practical activities. The children have created natural sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Created packing using nets out of recycled materials. The children also engaged in a science activity of predicting whether materials would be a conductor or insulator in a simple circuit!

What a fantastic week Sycamore class!