Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Sunflowers in Cedar

Wow what a busy first week back!

On Monday we had to work out who had been in our class room over the Easter holidays and leave a trail of bread and another trail of stones!

We had some interesting ideas from the dragon we looked after, to a bread and stone monster to a duck school!

We found out on Thursday it was actually Hansel and Gretel, the book we will be looking at until half term.

On Tuesday we started measuring using non-standard units of measure- such as hands, cubes and counters. It was really fun but not that effective!

On Wednesday we started looking at plants and flowers that are grown in the United Kingdom- what they are called and what they look like.

On Thursday we planted our own sunflower seeds! We are going to look after them in school for a few weeks then they are going home to see whose can grow the highest! We also measured using a ruler and used cm’s which works much better!


On Friday we had a circle time about listening to others and we found out what everybody got up to over the holidays.


Please read with your child over the weekend.


Miss Griffin