Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Super Writers!

This week Willow Class have come to the end of their English unit. To say I have been impressed with their writing is an understatement and I feel, with support at home, they have engaged so well in the writing process, thinking of how best to engage the reader and use vocabulary and grammar effectively to create a certain mood and atmosphere that is fitting for a fable narrative. It has been a delight to read their stories and I look forward to reading all of the independent pieces from yesterday and today.


In Maths Willow Class have started a new short unit on data and have enjoyed creating bar graphs and pictograms. At the beginning of the unit, I asked children to complete a Google Forms question asking them to choose their favourite breakfast out of the options given. I was then able to show them how this translates into graphs and they could then see the most popular and the least popular breakfast items. During this unit children will also be asking more questions to evaluate and compare data.

Here are some photos:

Skylar Mai working hard on  her maths; Emily-Mai wearing her school uniform at home to support St Luke’s Hospice and the shirt she has designed, a fashion designer in the making!

Super work this week Willow Class, well done! ?