Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Superhero Silhouettes

This week we have been continuing to learn about superheroes! This week we have been celebrating Art Week and have put our superhero art to work.

We have been discussing recycling paper, reusing paper and why it is important to recycle. We have researched ‘Newspaper Art’ as a class and looked at lots of different pieces of Newspaper Art from different artists.

We found some Newspaper Art that had a black silhouette outline on top of the newspaper, we decided to complete a very similar piece of art work. We decided to make a newspaper collage with a silhouette of a superhero.

The children were able to create their newspaper collages, draw a superhero on black card and then cut their superhero out independently. Well done Junipers!

Our Newspaper Art is now in our Art Gallery in the classroom for us all to be proud of our work!


Home Learning Opportunities:

  • Maths: We have been focussing on the number 8 in our maths this week, also adding two numbers together.
  • English: We have been revising our set 1 initial sounds as we have now completed all Set 1 sounds. We are revising all of the sounds we have learnt to ensure we are all confident with them.
  • Reading: Please read to your child as much as possible. You can encourage them to spot any sounds or special friends in the reading book. (During parents evening next week a special gift will be given to every child to support them with their reading at home).


And finally, have a great weekend and have lots of fun!