Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Wow! I have been absolutely blown away by sycamores engagement with online learning this week. They have played games, contributed to discussions and produced fantastic independent work.

In English this week we have read through our vehicle text ‘The lost happy endings’. The children were tasked with the challenge of creating twisted fairy tales in order to save Jub’s happy endings! Sycamore class have been discussing the key features of a twisted fairy tale and we have been unpicking an example to help us when we come to writing our very own twisted fairy tales.

In maths the children have been learning about fractions. We have explored how fractions can be represented through diagrams and how they can be written. We deepened our understanding through looking at equivalent fractions. The children have shown a great understanding in adding fractions.

In Science this week sycamore class have been looking at different appliances in the household. We discussed how some appliances need electrical where as others do not. We then discussed how we need to be cautious when using electrical appliances in the house hold. The children conducted their own research and created interactive posters!