Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Sycamore scientists!

Dear parents,

This week has been Science week in school so we have been doing lots of different activities!

At the beginning of the week, we had a scientist come into school and teach us lots about forces and how to measure different types of force!

Then, as a class we are looking at tooth decay in Science so we did our own ‘eggcellent eggperiment’! We took six boiled eggs and we put them into plastic cups with different types of liquids. We are going to monitor what happens to the eggs over the next week!

Today, we had a visit from the creepy crawly man! I (Miss Burke) had a cockroach put onto my head and a kiss on the nose from a snail! Which the children really enjoyed watching! The children were also called up to take part in lots of different activities, including holding an owl and a gecko. He taught us lots of exciting things, we even saw him hold a tarantula! Mr McKenzie Owens also had some snakes placed on his stomach – I’m not sure how much he enjoyed this.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Burke, Mr McKenzie-Owens and Mr Rimmer.