Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Sycamore’s second week!

Dear parents,

Another fantastic week in Sycamore class, the children have been working so hard!

In English this week, we have started our new journey story ‘A journey to the lonely mountain’ which the children have really enjoyed. We have been learning the text in lots of different ways so far! The children have identified unfamiliar words and have done well to find the definitions through using dictionaries, this will help them with their understanding of the text and vocabulary. We have also had some fun with a hot seating activity, where some of the children got into character as ‘Bilbo’ the hobbit! The rest of the class took it in turns to ask ‘Biblo’ some questions about his adventure, with a make-shift microphone! The children had a lot of fun with this and we followed this up by writing our own diary entries.

Another good week in Maths! The children have been learning the value of 4 digit numbers and began to use their reasoning skills to help them further understand. The children have also been working hard on their partitioning skills which we will be carrying on with next week!

In Topic this week, we are continuing with the Roman Empire and have been studying the timeline surrounding the Roman invasions. We have followed this up with looking at Roman mosaics, and designed some of our own – they were very beautiful!

Our first Music lesson was also a huge success this week! Our song of focus was ‘Mama Mia’ by ABBA – the children really loved this. Firstly, we started by listening to the song and discussing the type of instruments used, the dynamics and the texture of the song. We played some games to allow us to understand the rhythm and pulse of the song. The children then learned the song verse by verse and performed it at the end of the session. The children were so engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the session – as did I!

Star of the week is Hanna Sygut, and Learner of the week is Max Smith – well done to both of you!

All in all, another brilliant week in Sycamore – well done!

Miss Burke and Mr McKenzie-Owens.