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The Acorns explore with 5 Little Penguins

This week the Acorns continued to explore cold weather and the animals that live in countries which have cold weather conditions all the time. The story that was shared by Mrs Alford was ‘5 Little Penguins’ which supports the children with counting as they count down from 5 to 1 little penguin.

Children in the school building were excited to discover the arrival of a life size penguin, complete with baby and egg in the classroom. This led to lots of imaginative fun with children pretending to walk like penguins, carry eggs on their feet so as not to freeze them on the ice and pretending to keep their penguin eggs warm under their feathery tummy!



By joining the website Get Epic a number of children have also explored a story about The Chilly Penguin, where the penguin tries lots of different ways to warm up. Children were asked to think how we keep warm in the cold. Some children practised ice skating on their floor at home, just like the chilly penguin!



As we moved to distance learning from Tuesday, all the children were very good at continuing to have fun and engage with the home learning challenges set for them.

Many children at home were getting busy exploring all the different stories, videos and audiobooks available from Get Epic, with many reading over 10 books in the first couple of days of being given their login details. Well done to you all.




Children at home have been exploring some art activities linked to the animals which live in cold parts of the world.

Polar bears were also on the hunt for the penguins in Nursery, and the children had fun jumping and counting the footprints and playing with the small world animals in the polar scene.


Stars of the Day this week were Theo, Kaiden, Archie and  Ruby. Ezra is the overall Super Star of the Week for the number of books and time spent exploring the Get Epic website and all that it has to offer. Well done to you all for your on-going learning from home.