Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

The Circus comes to Acorn Preschool

This week the Acorns have loved focusing on the circus. With strongmen, acrobats, trapeze artists and clowns – there was so much to enjoy!

On Monday, the children made posters and sold tickets to the circus, then they got busy with setting up a circus ring in which they could perform.


The book of the week developed our love of the circus – ‘The Singing Mermaid’  by Julia Donaldson describing how a mermaid, who loves to sing, was tricked into joining the circus, but soon found that the Ringmaster was not as kind as he made out to be. However, the circus friends help her to find a way to escape and return back to the bay by walking on her hands!

The children have been creating circus posters, labeling circus pictures, combining materials to make clown faces and moving their bodies in response to the circus music.  The circus acts were improved further when we moved outside  – with children walking on stilts, juggling and tightrope walking.

We have also been looking at emotions and describing how we feel, and why we feel this way.  We have used the sentence starter ‘I feel…..because…’ It would be really useful if you could encourage your child to express how they are feeling and why they feel this way at home. This not only supports them with recognising different emotions, but it also builds on their speaking skills.

Stars of the Day this week were Riley, Evie, Liza, Molly and Finlay – well done to you all.