Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

The Enormous Carrot! Soup for everyone!

This week the Acorn Preschool children have made their own version of the Enormous Turnip story, choosing to have an enormous carrot instead. Lots of the children helped to try to pull it out, and eventually, with enough strong helpers the carrot popped out!


To build on our enjoyment of the story of the week, we also focused on reading a recipe for making vegetable soup. The children learnt what ingredients were needed for the recipe and how to make the soup, step by step. Some of the children used their mark making to draw their favourite foods and to write the shopping lists for the ingredients they wanted to buy to make the soup. On Wednesday, the children helped to make the soup by peeling and chopping the vegetables. Once it was cooked, we all (apart from 2) tried it – some of the Acorns thought it was delicious, others were not so keen!


To help the children with developing their mark making skill and strength, encourage them to draw – lots of different shapes, starting with lines (vertical and horizontal, then move on to circles. Below is a table of the shapes, increasing in complexity, that children need to be able to form before they are ready to begin writing letters.

We are working hard to support the children with recognising the numbers 1-5, and through maths activities, games on the ipad and whole class number games, the children are getting very good.  Some are even starting to write the numbers.


A shape hunt around the school has helped the children with identifying the 2D shapes around them. Please encourage your child to correct name the shapes they see when you are out and about


Stars of the day this week were Faith, Rafeef, Ezra, Dallas and Myleigh – well done to you all.


Next week we will be continuing our focus on foods that we enjoy eating, considering how to stay healthy. We will also be exploring some scientific investigations to develop our problem solving and reasoning skills – with floating and sinking.