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There’s 5 tiny caterpillars in Acorn Preschool!

This week in the Acorn Preschool, we have many exciting experiences.

On Monday the Acorn Preschool children took part in their first Sports day – and they were all very good. We were so proud of how well they listened to instructions and took part in each race – with such a large crowd watching them!

As we now have some tiny caterpillars in our class, we started the week thinking about all the minibeasts that we have found when we have been out in the garden. We were not sure how many legs a spider had, so we asked Siri on the Ipad to help us out! Our book of the week was ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ – which is a favourite for all the children. As part of our Talk For Writing focus, the children have started to learn this story with actions, and we will continue next week until we know it off by heart. Next week we will also have a go at writing a different version of the story too. The children have made their own caterpillars using paper in paper chains – this tested their ability to listen and follow instructions.


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On Tuesday, we harvested our home-grown potatoes. The children really enjoyed digging through the compost to find the ‘treasure’ hidden inside. We had loads and loads and loads of potatoes!! So we spent the next few days eating them in some of our favourite ways – roasted, mashed and chipped!


IMG_1291    00b892baee1c4503b861a73bca21f214-2017.    IMG_1272



On Wednesday, PCO Hannah came to visit us to give something more to think about with the ‘People Who help Us’ topic. The children came up with some interesting questions which they asked Hannah (mainly about arresting and jail !) and were very good at listening for the answers. The children noticed the similarities with Nursery – in that the police try to help people to make the right choices, and if they do not make the right choices then the ‘baddies’ are taken for some time out!!


Stars of the Day this week were Harriet, Laken, Kaiden and Ethyn – well done to you all.