Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Tip Tip Dig Dig with the Acorn builders

This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children have been thinking about diggers and tipper trucks, following an interest of many of the children in construction vehicles. The Acorn Construction site opened on Monday morning, and the children were great at fixing the house and the fence. 


The focus book of this week was ‘Tip Tip Dig Dig’ which supports the children with understanding what job each vehicle on the construction site must do, through a repetitive pattern. By the end of the week the children were fantastic with their actions, showing ‘dig, dig, dig’, ‘lift, lift, lift’ and ‘roll, roll, roll’ etc.


The children have been learning lots of new things – including how to tidy up, how to come to the carpet and how to line up at the door safely.



The children are developing their skills of playing alongside each other. They have been learning how to share the toys and how total turns. This has especially been difficult for some when it came to the bikes being out!


We have been working on developing our balance and large movement skills through climbing off the ground onto different levels and materials.


Children are encouraged using positive language of what they should do, and are reminded with visual pictures and hand gestures. As part of the expectations in Preschool, we have also introduced the children to the consequences if they do not make good choices.  If their choices do not improve after initial warnings, they will have ‘time out’ for a short time with the sand timer. To help us with encouraging the children to follow the expectations in school, please could you use the same language about making ‘good choices’ at home.

In the Early years, we make every effort to go outside each session. It is important that children are sent into school with a warm, waterproof coat – as we do go outside in all weather conditions!! Those children who are considered not to have an appropriate coat for the weather, will not be able to go outside for very long. 

  Children have also shown a fascination with spiders – spotting them indoors and outdoors as they seek to get in from the colder weather. The children drew pictures and then built a little house for the spider.

Stars of the Day this week were Ezra, Theo & Libby. Well done to you all.