Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

What a great week for Hawthorn Class!

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing photos of all the fantastic work you have been completing at home. You have worked really hard this week!

In Maths, Hawthorn have been converting units of length, mass and time! They were tasked with converting units of time from days –> months and from months –> years.

In English, Hawthorn have produced their very own instruction manual, warning delivery drivers how to navigate their way through the Whispering Woods. A very dangerous location from our vehicle text – The Errand.

There are lots of lovely topic activities taking place at home at the moment; we have had pupils practising skills from cartography to 3D junk modelling – keep it up!

Here is a map of Cheshire and a 3D model of St John’s church created by Y5 pupils.