Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Venturing with a Viking!

Sycamore have had a very exciting week. Monday morning was filled with so much excitement in our classroom. We have a special visitor that gave us an insight into the world of the Vikings. The children were taken back in time from the comfort of our own school grounds. The children experienced what it would be like to be a 9 year old during the Viking period. The class participated in classic Viking games which would have been used to train them up ready for Viking raids! The children had a variety of workshops that gave an insight into the different elements of Viking life!

The children were especially excited to view and learn about the Viking battles. With skill, courage and determination, the children created a shell structure which the Vikings would have used during battle. Our workshop was very insightful and helped our history topic come to life!

Linking with our history unit, this week the children have completed their narratives based on migration. The children considered lots of key ideas such as: third person pronouns, short sentences for tension and fronted adverbials.

In maths we have been recapping the interpretation and drawing of a variety of graphs. Next week, we will be recapping and consolidating key year 4 concepts such as division and fractions!