Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Walking through Oak View…what do you see? (04.12.20)

This week the Acorn Preschool children were on the look out for lots of jungle animals around school – we quickly collected our binoculars and went for a hunt to look for them. As we hunted we came across all kinds, and had great fun making their sounds and pretending to be them.  

Through reading the story ‘Walking through the Jungle’, we have explored the sounds the animals make, and also through singing the song ‘Down in the Jungle.’ 

The children have also explored further through other jungle animal stories, playing with small world, creating art and through physical movement in PE inspired by jungle animal movement. The children are gradually recognising more animals and are able to name them correctly. All children worked hard to make their own binoculars by joining materials together. 

An on-going focus is on our mark making – this has been in preparation for the children to copy the letter shapes from their name and begin to become “writers.” Many children are very interested in writing their names and are starting to closely look at what shapes they can see. To help them, we ask for children to practice making lines which are from top to bottom, and from side to side. Next we focus on encouraging children to draw circles of varying sizes. (It is important to encourage children to draw circles in an anticlockwise direction, as this is the direction required with letters.) Next we start to encourage the children to make zigzag lines across the page (like lots of joined MMM). Through doing this, we build the children’s control of the mark making tools. We have also enjoyed using water to make marks, using our pincer grip to make patterns with coloured pegs, and daily dough gym sessions to strengthen our whole arms. 


Here are some interesting and fun ways to build on the strength and control required for writing, at home: use shaving foam, paint, salt, tea leaves, or coffee granules on a tray – this can provide an exciting surface on which to make marks with little fingers. A quick shuffle of the tray with dry ingredients spreads and hides the shape, giving a clear space to start again.  


We love to follow the children’s interests too, so when the children were loving playing with torches, we got busy building dens and hiding under tables.  

Stars of the Day this week were Alfie, Aria, Radley & Florence  – well done to you all.